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Physics without Paradoxes

John-Erik Persson
Year: 2016 Pages: 4
Keywords: light, relativity, stellar aberration, ether, gravity, quantization.

The number of paradoxes in theoretical physics is large. This means that we have reason to suspect that experiments have been interpreted in error long time ago. The behavior of light and ether has been misunderstood. This has caused wrong interpretations of stellar aberration, Michelson and Morley's tests and of Einstein's so called light clock. If we instead regard Sagnac effect, global positioning system (GPS), Pioneer anomaly, gravitational anomalies during solar eclipses and the behavior of atomic clocks, than we get a very different view of light and ether. We find that we do not need the theory of relativity, and not the quanta of light either. We also find that we can explain gravity. The paradoxes disappear.