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The Aether: A Balanced Electric Field Medium for Radiation and Gravitation

Musa D. Abdullahi
Year: 2017

Space contains isolated regions of matter or bodies each composed of equal amounts of positive and negative electric charges as sources of electric fields. The fields, from neutral bodies, balance out exactly everywhere and vanish at infinitely long distances from the respective sources. While the strong electrical forces of repulsion and attraction, proportional to the charges, in accordance with Coulomb's law, balance out exactly everywhere in space, the weak gravitational forces of attraction, proportional to the squares of the charges and in accordance with Newton's law, remain and add up. The universal space, crisscrossed by electric fields emanating from charges in bodies, balancing out exactly everywhere and vanishing at infinity, constituting a medium supporting electromagnetic radiation and gravitation, is proposed to be the aether, as conceived by J. C. Maxwell and others.