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Intrinsic Redshift in Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs) - Mass Dependence and Quantization?

Raymond H. Gallucci
Year: 2017 Pages: 12
Keywords: QSOs, Quantization, Redshift, Halton Arp

I tackle the topic of quantization of intrinsic QSO redshifts, especially based on the lifetime work of Halton Arp, examining first the potential relationship between intrinsic QSO redshift and QSO mass, then the phenomenon of quantization for both QSO mass and redshift.  My approach is primarily a mathematical one, as developing a theory for intrinsic QSO redshift, let alone its quantization, is beyond my expertise.  I postulate a geometric explanation of intrinsic redshift given a possible dependence on mass to the 2/3 power, related to possible attenuation of light energy (and therefore frequency) within the “emitting nucleus” of a QSO, compounded by a further “dilution,” and therefore energy (and frequency) decrease due to spread over the surface area.  To do the quantization aspect justice, I summarize three theories by other experts and examine the plausibility of the two within my realm of knowledge.  Finally, I offer at least a mathematical representation of the quantization aspect as “food for thought.”