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Models giving the Xi Double-charm Baryon and Higgs Masses

Carl R. Littmann
Year: 2018 Pages: 14
Keywords: new Xi baryon Higgs

This article shows a drawing of a platonic-related pattern of spheres that generates a sphere volume Ratio nearly equaling the mass Ratio of the empirical Higgs boson to proton. (My older NPA article just included a precise word description of that drawing.) I also give the updated value for the empirically estimated Higgs boson mass, still quite near my drawing's estimate. And I also discuss the mass of a more recently discovered particle by the super-collider group, called the "Xi double-charm baryon". I note that its mass is near the average mass of two already known particles. And midway between two others, too. That 'Averaging Method' also worked well in my older journal articles. Further comments are made about all of the above.