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Cold Helium, a Microcosm of the World

Carl R. Littmann
Year: 2007 Pages: 8
Helium is unique among elements. Even at 0 Deg. K., it does not completely solidify until a 26 atm Pressure is applied. We perform the obvious, compelling calculation: (26 atm Pressure) times (the jurisdictional Volume of a solidified helium atom); and we explore implications. That strange squeezed product, (P x V) implies an equivalent ?stealth' energy and also a stealth temperature times Boltzmann's constant. We note that a weak 2.72 Deg. K ?CMB' photon would seem to knock a zero-viscosity liquid helium atom, i.e., at 2.18 Deg. K or less, into its warmer viscous state. We consider the reverse; and contemplate helium as a microcosm of the world. Zero- viscosity helium flow is difficult to detect -- somewhat like the aether wind and drag. But a Superflu-id is not superflu-ous! (i.e., it is not ?suPERfluous' ? as Einstein wrongly termed ?aether'). We crudely explore the implications of all the above.