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Pages: 185
Publisher: Hadronic Press
Year: 2009
ISBN: 157485061X

Minimum Contradictions Everything
KeyWords: Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics

Athanassios A. Nassikas
Michael C. Duffy
Cynthia Kolb Whitney
Any Physics theory is stated via the basic communication system which, by the aid of a theorem can be proved as contradictory. Therefore at best, a ?least contradictory? Physics can be stated based on a claim for minimum contradictions which together with the theorem mentioned, constitute the core of this work. This Physics can be regarded as consequence of principles of thought; it is compatible, under certain simplifications, with Newtonian mechanics, relativity theory and QM. Finally this Physics is a Space-Time Quantum Mechanics which describes Minimum Contradictions Everything. On this basis, new explanations for various questions of physics can be given as the gravitation, the second thermodynamic law, the fractal behavior of matter systems and the interaction of the electromagnetic with the gravitational field. According to the spirit of this work, stochastic-quantum space-time is matter itself and any matter system behaves as if it had an ability to decide for its evolution. Thus, the basic property of ?Everything? is volition whose however basic dimension is logic; this is the reason why things even though acting under their volition they appear to have a considerable logical behavior. According to this point of view, biological organizations have the ability to decide for their evolution which is another approach to species evolution in general.

This work originates from various articles, which have been presented at various conferences or published in various journals from 1994 until now. It is derived from purely mental principles in contrast to theories which condense the experience which has been revealed. Thus, in a logically linked way, under certain simplifications, Newton?s gravitation law derives from mental principles and not from empirical observations as the falling apple is.