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Pages: 320
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0801884225
ISBN: 978-0801884221

Concepts of Simultaneity: From Antiquity to Einstein and Beyond (Buy Now)

Max Jammer
Max Jammer\'s Concepts of Simultaneity presents a comprehensive, accessible account of the historical development of an important and controversial concept -- which played a critical role in initiating modern theoretical physics -- from the days of Egyptian hieroglyphs through to Einstein\'s work in 1905, and beyond. Beginning with the use of the concept of simultaneity in ancient Egypt and in the Bible, the study discusses its role in Greek and medieval philosophy as well as its significance in Newtonian physics and in the ideas of Leibniz, Kant, and other classical philosophers. The central theme of Jammer\'s presentation is a critical analysis of the use of this concept by philosophers of science, like Poincar?, and its significant role in inaugurating modern theoretical physics in Einstein\'s special theory of relativity. Particular attention is paid to the philosophical problem of whether the notion of distant simultaneity presents a factual reality or only a hypothetical convention. The study concludes with an analysis of simultaneity\'s importance in general relativity and quantum mechanics.