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Pages: 127
Publisher: California Publishing Co.
Year: 2005
ISBN: 3980737845
ISBN: 978-3980737845

Relativity Unraveled: A Question of Time (Buy Now)

Hans J. Zweig
Newtonian physics is not the ultimate truth about the universe, but neither is Einstein\'s Relativity. Newton did not know, or anticipate, an upper bound to motion. Einstein cannot simply have it that all motion is relative and at the same time that there is a unique hard upper limit, c.

Einstein?s Special Relativity Theory (SRT) attempts to solve the problem, but it is invalid, as can be shown using several distinct approaches: (1) through a logical analysis of the important concepts and thought experiments, (2) through recently available empirical results in astronomy, and (3) through a physical/ mathematical analysis of the foundation of SRT...