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Year: 1993
ISBN: 0841227725

A Critical Review of the Available Information Regarding Claims of Zero-Point Energy, Free-Energy, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices
KeyWords: new energy

Patrick G. Bailey
Toby Grotz

A summary review is presented of the experiments, motors, generators, devices, and demonstrations that have been reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. The concepts of free-energy, zero-point energy, and over-unity devices are not new, and many examples of such devices have been built within the last 100 years. 26 researchers are reviewed and 11 are selected for immediate interest and support. Whether a new form of potential energy can be demonstrated and successfully utilized within the near future for the ultimate benefit of the human race remains to be seen.

Reprinted from: 28th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (28 IECEC) Proceedings, August 8-13, 1993, Atlanta, GA, V2, pp. 905-910.