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Pages: 409
Publisher: Helicola Press, Division of IRMC, Inc.
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0967143241
ISBN: 978-0967143248

Prime Elements of Ordinary Matter, Dark Matter & Dark Energy (Buy Now)
KeyWords: new energy

Vladimir B. Ginzburg

Prime Elements of Ordinary Matter, Dark Matter & Dark Energy serves as a singular textbook on the history of scientific and mathematical ideas, an excellent complement to Roger Penrose\'s highly acclaimed but more conventional The Road to Reality.  In this book readers encounter many of the most brilliant minds and colorful personalities who have significantly contributed to the evolution of scientific knowledge, including those, such as Emmanuel Swedenbourg and Walter Russell, who are rarely, if ever, mentioned in traditional books.  The encounter with vfarious scientific geniuses, often on a human level, make this book highly engrossing.

In addition, this book serves as a lucid exposition of the author\'s original mathematical formulation of the vortex theory and its applications based on his discovery fo the toryx, and his formulation of the Three-Dimensional Spiral String Theory, which is his version of the grand unified field theory.  At the heart of his elegant formulation there is his profound philosophical insight into the nature of reality, especially the inversive relation between nothingness and thingness, coupled with his thorough knowledge of physics and mathematics.

Vladimir Ginzburg is a highly absorbing storyteller as well as a brilliantly original scientist.  On every page the reader will experience the special glow found onlywhen an author truly loves his subject.  Throughout this book the author shares his deep love of science and invites his readers to an exhilarating scientific exploration which ecites him to no end.  This is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable contemporary science books that also provides genuine substance. - Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Founder and Chairman of Vision in Action (book back cover)

This is the 3rd edition.  The 2nd Edition had the subtitle, Beyond Standard Model & String Theory.


Dr. Ginzburg has ventured to find the simple principles hiding behind the diversities of macrocosm and microcosm. --Nobuyuki Kanai, Osaka, Japan, (book Preface)