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Pages: 138
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 1997

Dynaspheric Force - Theoretical and Applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Volume I (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Musical Dynasphere, etheric science, motor

Dale Pond
Volume I of Dynaspheric Force, a monthly newsletter,  (contains all 12 original issues from 6/96-5/97) presenting theoretical and applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics as applied to musical dynaspheres. This publication is focused around the current and on-going research and development of new models of Keely\'s Musical Dynasphere. Each issue has articles covering the development and on-going research into the vibratory physics used in this unique and beautiful scientific instrument. This volume contains all 12 original issues (from 6/96-5/97) each containing a wealth of images, pictures and information. 8.5\" X 11\"  To view index of articles: http://www.svpvril.com/DFindxv1.html