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Sankar Hajra
Maxwell, Maxwell and Maxwell: Collapse of Relativity, Special & General

Date: 2010-11-13 Time: 07:00 - 09:00 US/Pacific (1 decade 3 years ago)
America/Los Angeles: 2010-11-13 07:00 (DST)
America/New York: 2010-11-13 10:00 (DST)
America/Sao Paulo: 2010-11-13 11:00
Europe/London: 2010-11-13 14:00
Asia/Colombo: 2010-11-13 19:30
Australia/Sydney: 2010-11-14 01:00 (DST)

Where: Online Video Conference
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In this talk, we shall describe the deductions of the laws concerning the addition of velocities of electromagnetic bodies, the transverse Doppler?s effect, the increment of life-spans of steadily moving radioactive particles, the Auxiliary time of Lorentz, the advance of perihelion of Mercury, the bending of light rays grazing the surface of the sun, the gravitational red shift; and explain the null result of the Michelson-Morley type experiments, the null result of the Trouton-Noble experiment, the observations of Bradley, Airy and Zapffe on aberration of light as well as why all electrodynamic phenomena as observed on the surface of the moving earth are independent of the motion of this planet -- CLASSICALLY; and show that the theory of relativity is useless, absurd, artificial and there is not a single experiment to uphold the theory.