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Don Briddell
Structural Physics Workshop

Dates: 2011-07-11 - 2011-07-12 9.9 (1 decade 3 years ago)

Where: Mt. Airy, MD, United States Venue: Don Briddell Home


July 11 and 12, 2011 immediately following the NPA 18 conference at the University of Maryland July 6 thru 9th, 2011

Hosted by: Don Briddell

Location: the meeting room at Sunbeam studio and workshop

8002-A Dollyhyde Rd., Mt. Airy, MD

You are invited to gather with geometers, scientists, mathematicians and topologists to explore fundamental physics through structural models. The invited people are those who have shown an interest in and work in the field of thought that suspect reality is knowable and can be modeled. Intentionally the group represents a wide range of experience in structure, designed address the multi-faceted nature of the subject.

All will no doubt be coming with a their own unique point of view. This could be a problem or a blessing depending on the willingness to consider alternatives. I will attempt to keep the meeting on topic. We are hopeful exciting things to happen. There is a lot of activity in recent years in the structural approach to physics. The assertion that reality below the molecular level can only be known in terms of probabilities is being challenged by structuralist who are determined the veil of ambiguity imposed by the Uncertainty Principle can be penetrated. String theory in its various forms has been attempting to do this for twenty years and to date has failed. See Peter Woit?s book ?Not Even Wrong? and Lee Smolin?s book ?The Trouble With Physics? to see how profound is the issue. Structuralist are discovering that models built at the human scale can and do reveal some profound and compelling insights. This meeting, the first of its kind to my knowledge, will assemble people active in this approach to science hoping now is the time to actively come together, compare notes, explore each others ideas and see where this will all lead.   

Arrangements will be made to video record this meeting. Lunch will be catered so we do not have to leave the premises during the day. The only charge will be for the meal and any expenses such a meeting may require. The meeting place is 8 miles from the nearest Mt. Airy and 16 miles from Frederick, MD where accommodations can be found. Bring your models, visuals (we have a slide projects and a digital projector available), papers and books. The studio can handle a max of 15 people in a circular with a large table in the center for models. Wireless satellite internet service is available although our service is not considered fast.

Part 1:

To get the ball rolling, I will begin the meeting by explaining the validity of model building and ground rules for structuralism in physics with time devoted to considering everyone?s viewpoints on the subject.

Part 2:

Presentation of Field Structure Theory. The idea is present something to begin the discussion. This will be a discussion format and the free-flowing of input/output is encouraged and welcome.

Part 3:

Other ideas will be presented, a list to be compiled from those attending.

Part 4:

Once all the ideas have been presented, in this period we spend time investigating what and how these ideas converge on unification. This is a tall order and will be a near miracle if full agreement results. While ever hopeful, a meeting of this sort we may be considered successful if we can see convergence of any sort. We have been working in our isolated worlds long enough. It?s time to see if we can put it all together. Perhaps we will end with irreconcilable conclusions. Perhaps we will find several groups of opinion emerging, perhaps we may even see underlying agreement on certain issues. Let?s get together and see what happens. That is the purpose of the meeting.