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INE Symposium for New Energy

Dates: 2001-10-26 - 2001-10-27 9.9 (2 decades 2 years ago)

Where: Salt Lake City, UT, United States Venue: Quality Inn City Center


The INE 2001 Symposium For New Energy is jointly sponsored by the Institute for New Energy and EEMF (the Emerging Energy Marketing Firm).  Details of the conference have been announced in the September issue of NEN.  A Preliminary Program will be announced in the October NEN, due to emailed during the first week of October.


  • Hal Fox & Vasily Baraboshkin, "A Summary of The Latest Developments Of High-Density, Charge-Cluster Technology".
  • Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, "Status Of The INE Devices Database, and the Interest and Commercialization Criteria Rankings".
  • Prof. Dan Chicea, "Comments On An Interesting Experimental Feature In Electrolysis Loading Experiments".
  • Dr. Moray B. King, "Scalar Compression".
  • Ken Shoulders, "An Introduction to the EV Workshop".
  • Lev Sapogin, Yuri Ryabov, & Valery Graboshnikov, "New Sources Of Energy From The Point Of Unitary Quantum Theory".
  • Dr. Thomas Valone, "Magnetic Motors".
  • Nick Nelson, "Magnetic Vortex Domains and Structures - Insights from Research at the Oregon Vortex".
  • Ken Shoulders, "A Discussion of EVs, and Audience Participation Workshop".
  • Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, "Dangers of Using Volt and Amp Meters to Measure Device Efficiency: Examples of Fraudulent Over-Unity Claims".
  • Xing-Liu Jiang, Jin-zhi Lei, Chang-ye Chen, Xiong-wei Wen, & Li-jun Han, "Vortex Dynamics And Exploiting Energy From The Vacuum".
  • Dr. Hideo Kozima, J. Warner & G. Goddard, "Cold Fusion Phenomenon And Atomic Processes In Transiton-Metal Hydrides And Deuterides".
  • Bruce Harvey, "Goodbye Einstein".
  • Michael Maser, "High-Density Tidal Energy Powering Ahead".
  • Donald Reed, "A New Paradigm For Time - Evidence from Empirical and Esoteric Sources".
  • Prof. Philipp M. Kanarev, "Water Is The Main Power Carrier Of Future Power Engineering".
  • Prof. Chiharu Sano, "Twisting & Untwisting Of Spirals Of Ether And Fractal Vortices Connecting Dynamic Ethers".
  • V. F. Panov, V. V. Strelkov, V. V. Yushkov, T. A. Yushkova, B. V. Testov & Hal Fox, "Perspectives of the Torsion Technologies".
  • Gabriel Ducrey, "Fusion by Sound Waves".
  • Dr. Mahmoud A. Melehy, "Energy Stored in a Gravitational Field".
  • Dan A. Davidson, "Shape Power Anti-Gravitation Breakthrough".
  • Dan A. Davidson, "Why Exotic Inventions Don't Make It Into The Public Domain".
  • Don L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation: A Relativistic Generalization of the Schrodinger Wave Equation - The Other Half".
  • William Lyne, "Free Energy Surprize" & "Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It".
  • Dale Pond, "Universal Laws, Keely's Secrets, and Atlin".
  • Prof. Fran De Aquino, "A Possibility of Control of Gravity in Photoluminescent Materials".