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Bent Kargaard Nielsen
local time: 2024-05-29 10:34 (+01:00 )
Bent Kargaard Nielsen (About)
CNPS Member
Interests: Big Bang, Michelson-morley, Time Age: 76

I spent twelve years in philosophy and psychology studies (1966-73 and 1980-85), then turned towards Artificial Intelligence, especially interested in neural net modelling. (University of Copenhagen)

Health problems, economic needs and prospects, and the fact, that at that time future employment in positions of my interest at university levels were blocked out for an indefinite time-period in Denmark, led me to be a drop out in favor of very well paid employee engagements and consultant business. This was mostly within private educational positions, teaching system analysis and programming, plus instructing in the use of a diversity of application programs on muliple platforms. AI is still my main interest, and I consider myself one of the best! However - I thought that my findings of some severe irregularities in the logic of the Michelson Morley type experiments could be the basis for a "scientific best-seller" and thus boost my economy in order to get an applied AI concept "flying".

Wrong! But this experience has made me investigate the fundamentals of physics in detail - And after six years doing this (full time!) I am not impressed. Therefore I have now ended the process of writing a 301 page book in danish covering what I consider to be multiple flaws in (astro)physics. Also I have subsequently pulished it on a new, selfmade publishing company - As no existing company dared take it uder their wings. (Title: Klogere end Einstein? En ny model for Universet - Which translates into: Brighter than Einstein? A New Model for the Universe.) For now I am fully occupied with overcoming the next obstacle: To get it noticed by the establishment and to get it sold! (5000 hardback ex!) To encompass this portrait, you might like to know that I have for a long time been called "The Philosopher" or "DaVinci Light" by my friends. Finally you should know that I understand geometry and logic v e r y well, but that mathematics is just about a complete mystery to me!

Figure out how that corrolates with my above mentioned interests and proved abilities! I can't!

Note: My (publishing company) website antagonica.dk is now redesigned (as of april 2011). It still has some contents in english (abut the Michelson & Morley oversights in their assumptions vis a vis their implementation of the experiment) but it is mainly directed towards a a local Danish public as it has been tailored to serve the purpose of selling the book. Still not very successfull.

Almost 3/4 of a year with a succesion of several different - not serious but yet impeeding - health issues has kept my "Einstein disputing" activities on a very modest level. However: The last three weeks (June-July 2011) has been spent on the construction of a revised and (hopefully) improved version of the 2008 experiment (See eventually the NPA Database of Experiments) -- that showed that it was a quite possible conclution to state, that light is waves that move in an intergalactic / interstellar / inter-planetary medium.