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Dr. Eugene Mallove
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Dr. Eugene Mallove (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: May 14, 2004)
Interests: New Energy, Cold Fusion Age: 56

ScB, ScM, ScD - A graduate of MIT (ScB and ScM) and Harvard (ScD); prominent and tireless advocate of alternative energy sources and, in particular, of Aetherometric Science and Technology. A leading scientist, engineer and communicator, widely published author and journalist, Dr. Mallove was an intimate collaborator of the Correas, an active member of ABRI (in charge of Demonstration Devices and Educational Materials) and the ISFA Organizing Committee, a co-inventor of the HYBORAC technology and the main evaluator of ABRI technologies, as well as its first sponsor. Together with Mr. Uri Soudak, Dr. Mallove had been, during the last 4 years of his life, a leading negotiator and representative of the Correas, and in personal charge of the Aethera joint effort. Dr. Mallove was also the founder and prominent Editor-in-Chief of the bi-monthly Journal Infinite Energy, and the founder and President of the New Energy Foundation. While Dr. Mallove was alive, the Correas published extensively - at his invitation - in Infinite Energy. Previously Chief Science Writer for the MIT News Office (1987 to 1991), Dr. Mallove was responsible for blowing the whistle on the scientific fraud surrounding the MIT suppression of so-called Cold Fusion. From 1988 to 1990, he was also Adjunct professor at Boston University School of Communication. Author of The Quickening Universe, The Starflight Handbook and Fire From Ice.