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Dr. Berthold W. Schumacher
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Dr. Berthold W. Schumacher (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: January 23, 2005)
Age: 83


  • "Dimensional Terms for Energy Transport by Radiation and for Electromagnetic Quantities: Comments on the SI System," Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics (ISSN 0065-2539), V65, pp. 229-294 (1985).
  • "The SI and Magnetic Units," American Journal of Physics, V54, N6, p. 490 (1986).
  • "Laws of Physics without Distortion by Relativistic Concepts - and other Essays on Basic Physical Notions" (1988/1994).
  • "The Nature of Clock Retardation, Force-Retardation/Reduction and Invariance of Mass for a Moving Physical System" (1995).
  • "The Relativity Concept Is Not Needed to Explain Physical Relationships and Laws" (1996).