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Cameron Y. Rebigsol
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Cameron Y. Rebigsol (Books)

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by Cameron Y. Rebigsol

Publisher: XLibris

Websites: www.aquasoil.net/

This book renders discussion in depth on human beings' evolution, both biological and cultural. In addition, it offers an award of $50,000 to ask people to help liberating this author from a difficulty that he encounters: Why 0=c (speed of light) can be found with relativity?

Intelligence that includes logical deduction, a mental ability that is uniquely possessed by human beings, has enabled Homo sapiens to dominate the world of living beings for million of years. Without it, human beings should have been the most unfit creatures in the wild. However, through the long history of exploiting this unique ability, human beings have unfortunately accumulated many inaccurate theories, which turn back to torment people themselves. Many of such torments can be so costly that they must even require human beings to spill blood in order to insist such theory.

It appears, so far, human society has three popular but costly theories. They are 1)Socialism for social advocacy; 2) relativity in physics for science study; and 3) straddling across social study and natural science, the theory of evolution about human beings.

The so called Socialism is the number one high cost theory among all of them. One can call it the bloodiest theory, but coated with a robe that is permanently new from some Emperors. Socialism was introduced to people who hope to restrict or even remove all ugliness caused by monopolization of capital. The end result that Socialism brings in, however, is a far bigger ugliness: monopolization of governmental power, or, absolute monopolization of everything, of which capital monopolization is only a tiny constituent. Ignoring both historical facts and logical derivation led by genuine intelligence, but hurdled by human instinct of greed, an overwhelming number of people ceaselessly feel so intoxicated by the Socialist sweet slogan of absolute fairness to everyone. They are so willingly blindfolded themselves to follow the few whose ambition is nothing else but to achieve the goal only tyrants will aim at: absolute monopolization of everything. They must make themselves plunge into a barn of maximal slavery only because they see a smaller monopolization, i.e., the capital monopoly, being intolerable. They don?t know that, with much less effort and much lower cost but higher grade of mentality, they can well put capital monopolization under control and, meanwhile, are able to prevent absolute monopolization from stepping in to enslave them.

The second costly theory is relativity in the science of physics.  Although being way less costly than Socialism, it has been diverting a tremendous amount of time and energy to a waste from enthusiastic youths of more than a generation, who are so anxiously taking part in scientific research with a hope of grasping the insight of a superb intelligence. Unfortunately to these youths, sooner or later, they must wake up to learn that they have been misled for too long by some incurable self contradictions found in this theory. It is so unbelievable that these mathematical contradictions can escape the attention of so many scientists and make them so drunk.   To bring back the true nature of the part of the world that has been masked by relativity, this author posts an award of $50,000 to give relativity an open test. The hope, however, of this author is not to put down this theory; what motivates this author is a belief that truth of nature cannot and should not be compromised. If someday the revelation of these self contradictions is accepted, relativity should still be respected as a chapter of human?s diligent effort in history.  Who can guarantee that he/she will not happen to step on a path pointing at a direction with bigger deviation from the true destination when searching in an unknown world? In particular, with the overwhelming amount of information at the time of decision making pioneered by relativity, such path seemed almost the only choice. Any visitor interested in the $50,000 award posted by this author can click at the button ?$50K award vs. Relativity? on the left to find out more details.

The third costly theory is what we have visualized about evolution. The idea of evolution pioneer by Charles Darwin is not mistaken, but inspiringly revolutionary. Evolution is part of God?s design process about living beings, particularly human beings. What is mistaken is how a dominant population of scholars have visualized the path of evolution that human beings ever walked through. With the illusionary idea that our ancestors once lived in treetops, they even assert that Africa is the only possible land to serve as a cradle for all human origins. Not only logic deduction must refute the ?Out-of Africa? theory, even unearthed fossils and the physical features of all living primates coming together will reject this assertion. Indeed, on the contrary, only acceptance of a concept of ?Into Africa? will lead us to understand why human beings are also found on this land before the era of large scale of modern immigration happens. This concept of ?Into Africa?, together with the ?live fossils? that we found on our faces and limbs and that of all other living primates, must further make us believe that our direct ancestors have never lived on treetops but ?comfortably? in water. As a matter of fact, this concept of water cradle for human origin is nothing new but has been pioneered by few insightful scholars, such as Dr. Elaine Morgan of England, long time ago. This author is so inspired by these pioneers and would like to follow them to relate even more of our physical features to the water cradle of our ancestors.

It must be benefiting to mankind if human beings can have less inaccurate theories to shackle them. Motivated by such a desire, this author publishes the book Aqua Soil. This book deals with both biological and cultural evolution of human beings; this book also offers an award of $50,000 for people to test relativity, in the hope that what is true should come back to be recognized as truth