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Don E. Mitchell
local time: 2020-08-07 05:51 (-07:00 )
Don E. Mitchell (About)
CNPS Member
Software engineer, diverse mechanical and electronics, experimental designs, goofy guy, severly agit
Interests: Amateur Physics, Electronics, Electromagnetics, Control Automation, Programming Age: 65

Interest in disproving antique science based on Newton and Einstein yet in the quantum realm is a narcissist's dream.

Getting on to reality:

* A genuine hayseed: Non-degreed (some EE prerequisites, and community college classes) and avocationally engaged in structured-field prototype as a retired software engineer/architect/logician/troubleshooter.

* Software development peaked with the creation of PacificVoice for Medicine, a database-driven medical-template-editor for direct voice-transcription for physicians.

* Software research peaked with development of the 1st complete application of the Russian Quasi Axiomatic Theory, implemented with logarithmic-time access to implicit (unknown) data patterns in huge data blocks, for/with Dr. Paul S. Prueitt (2001 DARPA BAA cyber-security funding competition).

* Private research about magnetic resonance is ongoing.

* Beyond that I'm a hoot.  Don't take me seriously, I don't want to be responsible for your disenchantment with the human condition.


My writing/illustrating habit:

* http://portal.groupkos.com <--- a breadcrumb trail of some things of significance to a very big plan we all hope to find (as fringe amateur physicists, at least).


My dis-information about what I really do:

(The whole is partially available, obfuscating the obvious, in a zanny-hayseed, alien-mind thing.)

* http://shoestringScience.com/wiki/ <---partial notes and discussion-starters -- recent progress on the chaotic oscillator as a signal sniffer into the near field.


Now what you may or may not have came here to read:

"A curios thing happened:  Nobody portended to have a care about alien involvement at area fifty something, but everybody was eager to be told what the devices were and how they worked." --Me, summer 2013 (after an eye-opening alien-encounter disclosure scenario was received).


As the story goes, it stays here at home for lack of an audience that won't freaque --but I'll venture a leak right here right now.  Copy this text the first time you read it  --proof that I'm crazy or profound.

The biggest question the story generates in my mind is:  Was it God's will in "the big plan" unfolding in reality, orchestrated by a divinity, to assist the shadow military in colonizing humans off-world ?

I highly recommend that anyone with concern for career and/or family stability does not investigate the story of how the looking glass was built.  Engineering details for early prototypes are known per the disclosure information.  What's very strange is that I understand, somehow, the theory of the science disclosed.  If I had the slightest hope that this information would be received without triggering the core-fear of each unique soul, then I'd be on an education/demonstration campaign now. 

But, I am talking to YOU, aren't I?

YOU will not allow your mind to understand a technology of mind that creates a coupling between human mind and devine mind.  After that coupling, then the human-divinity mental interface established chooses to power up the warp-core.

So fear this:

The disclosure reveals that we cannot take our first step to the stars until after we step on our own deamons of mind.  We created them.  We refined them --but they are not in our genetics.  Thank the human condition as the source --what we create living together has never died, only grown across generations.  We now stand against ourselves.

The operator of the superluminal-phone-network coursing in the density waves through the aether is God.

The disclosure information contains a working sub-set of applied-alien-science towards engineering a radio to phone home ---at least, how-to-read the regular artifact-of-mind within the superluminal energy-density-continuum-thing supporting the existence of electromagnetic-inertial reality --which happens to work two-ways.  Study an actual artificat animated by the mind of God and just see how your reality remains unshifted. First contact finds knowledge affording refinement.

If you are totally moved by any alleged information provided by my amateur analysis of plausible, engineerable artifacts imported from the stars, then you are one of two things, and I suspect the later:

1) Freaqueing annointed, or

2) Freaqueing weird.

Beware the knowledge you didn't expect, and the potential de-culturalizing thing that will occur if it is what you are seeking.  Knowledge cannot be unlearned. 

So, shoo now, I've a device to build that may reveal enough data to step further.  This is real science --toward the possible. If the disclosure information is real, then this effort is applied alien science. If it is not a real source, and yet works, then the philosophical questions only deepen --yet support ---the divine portion of us IS our imaginations.

The voice of God IS our imagination. Think about this when you are standing within a few feet of a levitating craft of alien design --that got here because the pilot and God are one. And you will understand.  The literal effect is to understand ---amplified many times... wherein understanding that we and all minds alive are the mind of the Universe Alive.  How is that reckoned when it happens?  The disclosure maintains that Earth will soon change, and all living mind on Earth will be in a natural biocosm that nurtures imagination toward realizing eaches unique qualities contributing to a vaulted celestial mind --our multidimensional real celestial-self outside Earth realm.


Did I have you going? 


More science-fiction can be found at the first link above.  Search for categories containing psi.