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Philip Herbert Tovey
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Philip Herbert Tovey (Abstracts)
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  • Nu Nu Mechanics (2013) [Updated 7 years ago]

    Nu Nu Mechanics takes an entirely new approach to understanding the mechanics of how the universe works. It is based on the supposition that the universe is not required to limit itself to what the human sensory system will respond to.

    It requires that the photon is not the basic unit of substance of the universe. It states:

    1.A photon has as many parts as there are stars in a galaxy or protons in a star.

    2.Photons age and change over time.

    3.Photons radiate particles much as a galaxy radiates stars.

    These statements are supported by evidence available. This view of the photon leads to a new view of the universe as a system that continuously renews itself over long periods of time. It allows one to understand how magnetism and gravity do their work.