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Francis Viren Fernandes
local time: 2024-04-14 23:05 (+05:30 )
Francis Viren Fernandes (About)
CNPS Member
Interests: Aether, Quantum Theory, Relativity, Fine Structure Constant Age: 58

At the moment I am working on ablation of cells - microbial and cancer - with radiowaves. The outline can be seen under - experiments. Between May 2009 and Feb 2011 I have done much research that has yielded 9 manuscripts ready for submission. I have ablated cancer tumors in mice with ease and obliterated 2 moving pathogens in blood of guinea pig - Strep and Candida. I think that the eradication of microbial moving targets in blood is for the first time in the world - without antibiotics. Moreover, I have destroyed the cells that harbor the TB bacilli and rabies virus in vitro. This is a first step to eradicate infectious diseases and multi drug resistant strains that win by hiding in human tissue and evade being killed.

On the Physics front I have discovered the reason for electromagnetism, gravity, heat, temperature, black body radiation, Brownian motion to be an ether mass which I call 186-ether and has a radius corresponding to Boltzmann's constant. This mass I have shown to be the lower limit mass in the Universe, the upper limit being the well known Planck length and mass. I have solved the hand of god number by proving that the pulsation of this dynamic 186-ether mass that fills the Universe is by a factor of 137.036.

I graduated in 1985 from Ohio University, Athens, USA - MS in Chemistry

Major: Biochemistry.

Undergrad: Chemistry, Microbiology

Thesis: Inhibition studies of the procarcinogen benzopyrene.

Inhibition of the binding to DNA and production of carinogenic metabolites, especially the diol epoxide was studied over 3 years.

I have written a theoretical paper where I propose the insertion of the soy protein gene into potato-SOYOTO. The Ti plasmid is the proposed vector.

This would provide the world a potato with starch+protein to deal with hunger. Today with technology at hand this could be a reality.

On returning to India I worked for 2 years in R & D for a multinational Pharmaceutical company where I was involved in fermentation-scale up of a broth that showed antibiotic activity. This was followed by the isolation of the active ingredient. Isolation procedures involved chromatography (all types) and spectroscopy.

In 1989 I completed a diploma in Pharmacy and am a registered Pharmacist. Set up a day and night Pharmacy for a leading hospital. For 12 years signed at least 200 prescriptions a day.

In 1994 I set up my own product line. I launched 12 products- 2 for the first time in India. These include - simple cream (aqueous cream), emul ung (emulsifying ointment) both as dilution factors for steroid creams used in the treatment of psoriasis. My brand name emul ung is to connect with emulsion ungantum.

I turned to teaching in 2000 and researched day and night on atomic structure of the H-atom. This has yielded 28 papers which are on the npa website. Questions that nagged me in grade 9 and through life are addressed.

My wife Christine - happily married 26 years now and  2 boys Mikhail and Joel ages 21 and 25.


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On a lighter side- I have acted in 3 musicals - as the apostle Matthew in - Da Vinci's Painting- The Last Supper, the Grinch, Melchior in Amal and the night visitors in the course of the past year.

Led 2 field trips with IB students to the Andamans and the Lakshwadweep coral islands. 4 days of field work on the Tsunami, coral reef management, ocean warming, pH of sea water, sunlight penetration, DNA anthropology. To the excitement we had no bed time as data was gathered through the night. Students from Germany, Australia, US, Korea and Indians participated in these science field experiences.

Recently I participated at LIYSF London for a 2 week conference on cutting edge science. It felt good to be in a room overlooking Albert Hall and vacated by an Olympic athlete.

On the biotech front have recently invented and preliminary filed 2 International patents for the detection and treatment of cancer.