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Sepp Hasslberger
local time: 2024-04-24 04:59 (+01:00 )
Sepp Hasslberger (About)
CNPS Member
Entrepreneur, Independent Researcher
Interests: New Energy, Developing Physics that Describes the Real Universe, not a Mathematical Abstraction Age: 70

In a certain sense I have become an independent writer, researcher and philosopher of a new paradigm. I was born in November 1949 in Ruhpolding, a lovely village in the Bavarian Alps, in Germany.  My formal education was oriented towards commerce and I am an owner and administrator of a health related business (import and distribution of health promoting supplements) in Rome, Italy (http://www.lastrega.com/). I have also been active in the legislative arena with the European Federation of Health Product Manufacturers, a federation of associations in the natural products field (http://www.ehpm.org/) as well as with Italian associations, both of consumers (http://www.laleva.org/) and manufacturers.

My interest in physics is a hobby, stimulated by Umberto Bartocci's alternative physics conferences in Italy in the 1990s. Before that, I was fascinated to have found Viktor Schauberger's writings about water vortex technologies.  I am also interested in new energy technologies (tired of seeing steam era fossil fueled technology as the only option) and in alternative economics.  It is my aspiration to help the transition from the current dark ages of damaging technology, potential energy scarcity and widespread mental and even physical enslavement to an enlightened new space age of abundance, individual freedom and individual responsibility.

I speak German, English, Italian and Portuguese and I am what one might call a generalist (as opposed to a specialist). My interests outside of my profession are fairly wide ranging.  My motto is: "Mankind must get ready for a new space age. We have much to learn and must change our ways if we want to actively participate in the galactic community of sentient beings."

My mission seems to help prepare the way for mankind's peaceful entry into the coming space age.