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Nikolai K. Noskov
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Nikolai K. Noskov (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: June 1, 2008)
Nuclear Engineer
Interests: Aether

Nikolai Kupriyanovich Noskov was born in 1940 in Siberia, in the Kemerovo region. He lived and worked in Almaty (Kazakhstan) since 1963. Four years he studied physics at the Kazakh State University, then he finished the Kazakh polytechnic institute.  During six years he worked as the designer in designer section of the nuclear reactor WWR-K. 10 years he worked as an engineer on vacuum engineering in the Nuclear Energy Transformation Lab, Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Since 1983 he worked as an engineer-operator of the nuclear reactor. Since 1983 he has taken a great interest in independent analysis of physics and philosophical activities on problems of physics.  He resulted his passion in writing a cycle of the articles on physics, which were published in the newspaper "Science of Kazakhstan" in period from 1995 to 1999.  Since 1999 his papers were published in the electronic journal "Science and Engineering".


  • Why the theory of the relativity is incorrect In this article it?s shown, why the theory of a relativity, being the false theory from the very beginning, nevertheless has been taken on trust. Both objective and subjective reasons has exerted influence on this.
  • To a problem on limitation of a field of application classic mechanics There is drawn a conclusion about existence of a phenomenon of longitudinal vibrations of moving bodies in fields of forces. The Longitudinal oscillations in motion of bodies (on a course of motion) result from non-uniformity of the retarded potential. This conclusion is logical development of Newtonian mechanics, due to introduction to it of principles of a short-range interaction.
  • Philosophy of physics About inconsistencies of a relativisticphysics to materialistic philosophical principles of construction of science.
  • The phenomenon of retardedpotentials Dynamics of interactions as outcome of the retarded potential. Absence of a generalrelativity. A phenomenon of longitudinal oscillations of moving bodies. The causal basis of a wavequantum mechanics and nuclear energy.
  • The general principle ofrelativity does not exist History of origin of a general relativity and show of illegality of itsintroduction. The arguments indicating its absence are introduced.
  • Light, photons, velocityof light, ether and others of "banality" Arguments in the proof of the wave natureof light. About the mechanism of occurrence of photons.
  • Gauss, Weber, Gerber and other History of appearance, development and inacceptance by scientific community of the theory ofthe retarded potential (electrodynamics and graviodinamics) as a result of its misunderstanding bythe separate known scientists.
  • "Brilliance and poverty" of quantum mechanics Reduction of the laws of a quantum mechanics to the laws of a classicmechanics.
  • The theories of mechanisms of interaction and hypothesis about their synthesis Remote action. A short-range interaction as outcome of existence of an ether. A hypothesis aboutsynthesis of three mechanisms within the framework of motion of the same ether for explanation ofthree existing kinds of interaction.
  • Centenary ethereal war The dispute on existence or absence of anether is prolonged, though the majority some significant theories in physics has arisen only due tosimulation of its motions.
  • Statics and dynamics of interactions The community of the researchers on a planet has missed occurrence of dynamics of interactions.Therefore there was a crisis in development of physics reduced to appearance of a mathematicalformalism of a relativity theory, in which one are infringed causal ? corollaries connections.
  • Beginning of new natural philosophy Development of the "Mathematical beginnings of natural philosophy" of I. Newton by including in them of dynamics of interactions and phenomenon of longitudinal oscillations in motion of bodies asoutcome of irregular delay of a potential.
  • Stability of a solar system The hypothesis of quantization of a solar system is state as outcome of fundamental reasonsinside the mechanics of motion.
  • The cosmological cosmogonical nebular hypothesis The hypothesis of the mechanism of ejection by stars of a matter in space and, inoutcome, development them in the trend of decreasing of weight with derivation of planetary systemsstates.
  • Physical analog of aglobular lightning There are conditions in atmosphere, when a globular lightning can be formed from plasma of alinear lightning. A globular lightning has structure like structure of theatom, in which electrons popped from plasma by an electrical field of the Earth can form the steady shell around of positively ionized atoms.
  • These, quite not elementary particles The classification of groups of hadrons looks as quantization of weights or volumes and isdescribed by the unique rather unpretentious formula. Thus, the shell constitution of fundamentalparticles is open.
  • "Flying saucers" from the scientific point of view The hypothesis of the mechanism of flying saucers states on the basis of equationsof an electrodynamics of a field ? field of the Maxwell and Hertz as jet engine, a propulsive body ofwhich one is the ether.