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Toby Grotz
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Toby Grotz (Books)

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by Patrick G. Bailey, Toby Grotz

Year: 1993
ISBN: 0841227725

A summary review is presented of the experiments, motors, generators, devices, and demonstrations that have been reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. The concepts of free-energy, zero-point energy, and over-unity devices are not new, and many examples of such devices have been built within the last 100 years. 26 researchers are reviewed and 11 are selected for immediate interest and support. Whether a new form of potential energy can be demonstrated and successfully utilized within the near future for the ultimate benefit of the human race remains to be seen.

Reprinted from: 28th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (28 IECEC) Proceedings, August 8-13, 1993, Atlanta, GA, V2, pp. 905-910.

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by Toby Grotz, Elizabeth A. Rauscher

Pages: 164
Year: 1984

In 1984, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Tesla's arrival in the U.S., a group of highly dedicated people organized the first Nikola Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs. Speakers included Marc Seifer, J. & K. Corum, Oliver Nichelson, Moray B. King, Tom Bearden, and Andrija Puharich. A number of excellent papers on various aspects of Dr. Tesla's work in electrical engineering were presented. The book includes a bonus paper written by Tesla himself in 1937 on the particle beam device.

  • William H. Terbo, "Opening Address"   9
  • H. W. Jones, "Project Insight: A Study of Tesla's Advanced Concepts"    11
  • Patrick McKee, "An Aspect of Concept Formation in Tesla's Thought"    29
  • Marc Seifer, "Nikola Tesla: The Lost Wizard"    31
  • Dr. James F. Corum & Kenneth L. Corum, "Disclosures Concerning the Operation of an ELF Oscillator"    41
  • Dr. James F. Corum & Kenneth L. Corum, "A Physical Interpretation of the Colorado Springs Data"    50
  • Robert Golka, "The Tesla Coil Experiment"    59
  • Ronald J. Kovac, "Ball Lightning Research via Computer Tesla Coil Design"    62
  • Oliver Nichelson, "Tesla's Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator and the Ether"    67
  • Rastko Maglic, "Thunderbolt Induced Earth Tremors, Possible Resonances"    71
  • Dr. Charles A. Yost, "Electric Weather Forces: A Tesla Vision"    77
  • Dr. Robert W. Bass, "Self-Sustained Non-Hertzian Longitudinal Wave Oscillations as Rigorous Solutions of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Radiation"    89
  • Richard A. Blade, "Modification of Maxwell's Equations in Free Space to Account for Nonzero Photon Mass and Scalar Electromagnetic Waves"    91
  • Richard A. Blade & Steve Rogers, "Wavefront Detection Using a Dithering Mirror"    93
  • Jack Dea, "Scalar Fields: Their Prediction From Classical Electromagnetism and Interpretation from Quantum Mechanics"    94
  • Dr. Moray B. King, "Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization"    99
  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Rauscher, "Properties of Nonlinear Coherent Modes in MHD - Plasmas and a Possible Resolution of the Plasma Confinement Problem"    108
  • Dr. Tom Bearden, "Tesla's Electromagnetics and its Soviet Weaponization"    119
  • Dr. Andrija Puharich, "Method and Means of Shielding a Person from the Polluting Effects of ELF Waves and All Other Environmental Electromagnetic Emissions"    139
  • Nikola Tesla, "The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media"    144