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Dr. Scott R. Chubb
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Dr. Scott R. Chubb (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: March 25, 2011)
Research Scientist, Editor of Infinite Energy
Interests: New Energy, Cold Fusion Age: 58

Scott Chubb was a research physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory. Guest Editor of the Francis and Taylor ethics in science journal, Accountability in Research. Co-author of Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2) System, Volume 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories (Tech Report #1862), edited by Szpak and Mosier-Boss.

Dr. Chubb edited a book published by Gordon-Breach on "Accountability in Research" which addresses a lot of ethical issues in energy research and his experience with cold fusion. Scott also is one of the Naval Research Lab's researchers, which successfully concluded 13 years of research with a comprehensive summary report (Vol. I, 3.5 Meg ~121 pages).

He died March 25, 2011 after a long bout with cancer.