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Dr. Gary L. Johnson
local time: 2024-05-21 10:47 (-06:00 DST)
Dr. Gary L. Johnson (Abstracts)
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  • A Description of Physical Reality Without Mass Stuff, Charge Stuff, and Field Stuff (2011) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Gary L. Johnson   read the paper:

    It is speculated that physical reality consists of energy and information only, and not any mass stuff, charge stuff, or field stuff. Masslike particles are concentrations of energy. Writing E=mc2 suggests that m is ?real' while E is ?calculated'. Rewriting as m=E/Sqrt(c) suggests that E is ?real' while m is ?calculated', which is the point of this paper. Energy travels from place to place in the form of photons and quite possibly in other forms that have not yet been fully identified. Information travels from place to place as a packet which might be called an infoton. There are hints that infotons travel much faster than light. Observed forces (gravity, electric, magnetic, etc.) are produced by an infoton causing a masslike particle to expend a small portion of its energy as propulsion in a specified direction. This is entirely analogous to sending an instruction to a space craft, telling it to fire its rocket in a particular direction for a specific period of time. This adds another theory to the question of how gravity works, inaddition to a pull, a push, far-action, and warped space.

  • Requirements for Bringing a New-Energy Generator to Market (1998) [Updated 7 years ago]

  • Tesla Coil Instrumentation (1992) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Electrically Induced Explosions in Water (1992) [Updated 1 decade ago]