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Roger J. Anderton
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Roger J. Anderton (Abstracts)
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  • Force in Boscovich’s Unified Field Theory (2015) [Updated 5 years ago]

    After the Copernican revolution modern physics accepted atomism, i.e. that matter was composed of point-particles of Boscovich’s theory. Rarely is it mentioned by physicists where this concept came from, and even rarer is it mentioned the unified theory based on it. Einstein’s highly influential impact on 20th Century physics seems to have diverted attention from the fact that there was a unified field theory before his influence. Einstein faced the problem of how could electromagnetism and gravity be unified in his space-time. In the context of Boscovich’s theory unification is much simpler.

  • The True Nature of Einstein's Relativity (2012) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    In 1919 Einstein supposedly revolutionized physics. However, Einstein's calculation for light bending was based on Newtonian physics. So really in 1919 it was confirmation of Newtonian physics by Eddington. The News media prematurely jumped onto the story and misrepresented it as a new theory overthrowing Newtonian physics. This emphatically was not the case. Ideally the scientists should have debated Eddington's result before it being reported to the news media. But since the news media were now portraying it as revolution in physics, scientists were then banned from debating whether it was a new theory overturning Newtonian physics. Thus the News media misrepresentation of it being a new theory was allowed to continue along with the myth of Einstein's genius. With the adoption of general relativity then came the adoption of special relativity, but that theory was also really just a misrepresentation of Newtonian physics. There was in fact ? no evidence then and there is still no evidence now for Einstein's relativity to be a new theory of physics replacing Newtonian physics. An accident occurred in 1919 where the adoption of a new theory took place based on there being no evidence for it.

  • Boscovich Open Letter (2012) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:
    The book, "Remarkable Physicists from Galileo to Yukawa," by Professor Ioan James, FRS, mentions names such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo. All these names can be recognised as having been mentioned in most University physics education courses, except one that of Father Roger Boscovich.
    Of Boscovich's theory, he says, "This daringly original work, the mature expression of ideas that
    Boscovich had put forward in a series of papers from 1745 onwards, was well known and influential for 150 years thereafter. Faraday, Clerk Maxwell and Kelvin were all interested in his ideas, as were many of the leading continental scientists of that period. That it should be so neglected today, at least in the western world, is ironic since Boscovich's ideas are in several respects in tune with modern thought."

  • Einstein's Theory Revised by Person(s) Unknown (2011) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    Einstein's Special Relativity presents major problems to us because he failed to clearly state his theory, changed his mind numerous times, got his math in a mess, and so forth Not only that, his theory was revised by person or persons unknown. As will now be explained, that means ?we? cannot even know what his theory ?is? - i.e. not know what he intended his theory to be - and also not know what these unknown person(s) that revised the theory intended that theory to be. If the amended 1905 paper of Einstein's Special relativity were a legal document, it would be dismissed as bogus, because it would be impossible to know what the amendments mean. The foundation of modern physics is thus a far bigger hoax than the Piltdown man.

  • Newtonian Physics is General Relativity is Unified Field Theory (Barring Mistakes That Need Correcting) (2010) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    The transition from Newton to Einstein in 1919 was based upon math mistakes. A mistake was made in the calculation of light bending within the context of Newtonian physics, correct the mistake and really it gives same value of light bending as General Relativity. This mistake led to replacing Newton by Einstein. Do the calculation wrong in the context of Newtonian physics and do the calculation correctly in context of Newtonian physics ? does not really give a new theory. Prof. Silberstein one of the original twelve people who understood Relativity pointed out that the math of Newtonian physics was really the same as that of General Relativity.

  • Extraterrestrial Communication Through Radio Signals Based on Newtonian Physics (2010) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    Before the supposed Einstein revolution in physics, mainstream physics community was progressing at a fantastic rate making new discoveries within the context of the Newtonian paradigm. It is my proposal that certain people got scared with some of those discoveries and went into psychological shock of denial. They suddenly were faced with the discovery equivalent to finding out that the monster under the bed which they dismissed as childhood fantasy was in fact ?real?. The only course they had open to them was to divert physics onto another track. Einstein provided what they needed. At the forefront of those discoveries was Nikola Tesla, and one of his discoveries was radio communication with Extraterrestrials. I will be discussing the intelligent radio signals that SETI is trying to ignore.

  • Lancelot Law Whyte Unitary Field Theory (2010) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    The development of Einstein and his co-workers on Unified Field Theory has been mostly ignored. I will be dealing with some of the work that has gone into that area. Lancelot Law Whyte introduced the idea which he called Unitary Principle to unify physics and the rest of the science. The basic idea is that of an organizing process at work in the universe; an idea that has a long history.

  • Special Relativity is Galilean Relativity (2008) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    Galilean relativity and Special relativity (SR) turn out to be the same theory. The difference between them is that the maths as derived in Special relativity has been done wrong. Once corrections are made to the maths of Special relativity it turns out to be the same theory as Galilean relativity. This raises the issue if there are too many maths errors made in the context of a theory, such that the maths has to be totally altered to correct the mistakes; when does that theory stop being that theory? And if Galilean relativity and Special relativity are really the same theory then what has happened in modern physics since the revolution in physics caused by Einstein has been just a major diversion from real physics to a detour consisting of lots of maths mistakes.

  • Light Waves and Special Relativity (2008) [Updated 3 years ago]
    by Roger J. Anderton   read the paper:

    The illusionary nature of waves as explained in elementary physics texts has not been properly appreciated when dealing within the context of special relativity. Hence various mistakes have been made in dealing with relativity theory. This article will consider some of those mistakes.