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Clarified Relationships of Special Relativity and Doppler Equations

Neil E. Munch
Year: 1997
Keywords: Special Relativity, Doppler Effect
Shifting assumptions and imprecise notation have permitted special relativity (SRT) to reach numerous conflicting interpretations!. When the assumptions of the 2nd principle and light-wave use are held constant and adequate notation is used, two 'building block' factors emerge which are useful in clarifying the relationships between SR T and its Doppler equations. Analyzing and checking such results is lengthy, especially in the SRT environment of shifting assumptions, so this is a progress report on those analyses with some early results and their interpretation. Much additional work remains, even for the one set of assumptions most compatible with Doppler and other light-related tests. In the end, incompatibility of results with Doppler and Michelson-Morley tests described in ref. [1] remains -- though perhaps seen a bit more clearly now.