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The Evidence and Consequences of Newtonian Instantaneous Forces

Neal Graneau
Peter Graneau
Year: 2005
Keywords: Newtonian Forces, Instantaneous Action at a Distance, IAAD

Chapter 6 of Immediate Distant Action, this essay discusses several topics surrounding instantaneous interactions.


  1. Newtonian gravitation 121
  2. IAAAD in electrodynamics 124
  3. Delay of radiation effects 128
  4. A new theory of light 136
  5. Proposed Machian law of inertia 143
  6. Proposed Machian principle interaction law 149
  7. The paradox of a Newtonian homogeneous universe 155
  8. The discovery of cosmic hierarchical structure 157
  9. An enhanced synthesis of IAAAD Newtonian forces 165