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The Structure of Aether and the Mechanics of the Electromagnetic Wave Spectrum

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2009 Pages: 26
The various philosophies of the physics of aether can and must be integrated for there is only one real truth.  Aether, whether it is called cosmic lattice, quantum foam or the neutrino sea, is a multi-dimensional, multi-generational, hyper-dynamic fractal, which can be thought of as both a fixed lattice and a dynamic fluid, and which is always in constant motion.  All energy preexists within the aether, as waves, particles, matter or fields and all are interchangeable.  Particles, and the matter they form, are saturated constructs of quarks, which are charge segments of an electromagnetic wave.  Electrons are created within the second generation of electromagnetic waves, and protons, neutrons and nucleons are created within the third generation of electromagnetic waves.  The electromagnetic wave spectrum ends at Planck?s frequency.  Waves are three-dimensional structures, exhibiting both properties of compression and tension, and having both transverse components (electric and magnetic fields) and a longitudinal component (their natural propagation speed).  Fields are distortions within the circular structures of the aether.  Objects in motion rip and tear apart the fabric of aether, as their inertia is altered and their directions reversed.  All phenomena can and must be explained as mechanical variations in form and structure of the cosmic, quantum, neutrino, quark, ? aethereal sea.