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The Effects of Human Perception & the Human Mind on Building a New Paradigm for Physics

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2008 Pages: 41
The world that we perceive is actually an illusion created within the boundaries of our mind, and there instead exists another world beyond our human perceptions, which is made from the transcendent energies of the dark and the light and can only be seen through the powers of our imagination. Our human world is not a replication of that world, but merely an enhanced representation, and is a classic example of Plato's "Shadow on the Wall". The universal world is filled with a single luminous substance, the stellar air, and all atoms and all objects are made from condensed stellar air, or liquid light, which are simply visual methods for describing pure energy. Accordingly, objects constructed from those atoms possess no color, but instead are structures of liquid light, whereas color is an attribute of the human mind. The analysis of the color of objects, human color perception, holographs, virtual reality and dozens of other human visual attributes all justify the existence of another world beyond our human perceptions, which can be visualized in its pure energy form. This includes integrated visions for gravity, quarks, electromagnetic waves, relativity, black holes, quantum mechanics, sub-nuclear particles, string theory, the big bang, and a steady state universe. Accordingly, images and sounds exist within the occipital and temporal lobes of our brain. Consciousness, the soul and the spirit exist within the parietal and frontal lobes of our brain. Human behavior is organized and therefore the words that describe human nature can also be organized. Decoding the I Ching delineates human nature and includes absolute definitions for good and evil. The organized word structure for the human mind can be correlated with the I Ching, the Qabala and with Dr. Max Loescher's color test. Our human perceptions have a profound effect upon our abilities to develop a correct and proper model for the universe, and hence to build a new paradigm for physics.