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Methods for Visualizing Aether, Electromagnetic Waves, and All Else

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2008 Pages: 33
The universe is neither empty nor void, but is instead filled with a single universal substance, the stellar air.  Electromagnetic waves oscillate within the stellar air and can be visually described as constructs of the stellar air.  Gamma rays are high frequency electromagnetic waves that compress the stellar air into quarks of liquid light at the resonant frequency of the stellar air within the Universe.  Quarks are four-dimensionally shaped charge segments of a gamma ray, which combine spatially to form saturated particles of liquid light as defined by the Higgs Boson Ball.  Particles combine together to form atoms, mass and matter, which possess no color but are instead fashioned from constructs of liquid light.  Protons interconnect as links of a chain and can be mirrored after the electron shells.  The stellar air flows through our bodies and into the Earth, causing our sense of weight and then turns into mass, or liquid light, through the process of nuclear pro-fusion and causes the Earth to grow and to expand.  The physics of four-dimensional space and time, the quantum physics of nuclear particles, the structure of the nucleus of an atom, the twenty-one dimensions of string theory, the colors of electrodynamics and the color psychosomatics of the human mind can all be integrated into a single whole through the philosophy of science.  Stellar air and liquid light are methods for describing pure energy.