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A Unified Vision of the Universe

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2008 Pages: 20
All the space between the stars and the planets is filled with a single universal substance, the stellar air. The objects of our physical world are made from compressed and condensed stellar air, or liquid light. The stellar air can be seen as a luminous fog and the liquid light can be seen as structures of crystal. The stellar air is flowing into the Earth, which causes the sensation of gravity, and then turns into mass or liquid light, which causes the Earth to grow and to expand and the Earth's continents to drift apart. A black hole is a void encased within a ball of nuclear fire and exists at the center of each of the galaxies, the stars, and the planets. The physical universe expands within the heavenly universe, which is both finite and eternal. Everything is made from the stellar air and the liquid light and can be visualized in the various shapes and forms of the energies of the dark and the light. The world of color that we perceive is actually an illusion created within the boundaries of our minds, and there instead exists another world beyond our human perceptions, which is accessible only through the powers of our imagination.