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An Explanation for the Mechanisms that Cause Near-Death and Out of Body Experiences

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2010 Pages: 10
The world that we perceive is an illusion created within the boundaries of our mind, and there instead exists another world beyond our human perceptions, which is made from the transcendent energies of the dark and the light and can only be seen through the powers of our imagination. Our human world is not a replication of that world, but merely an enhanced representation, and is a classic example of Plato's ?Shadow on the Wall?. Objects possess no color, but are instead structures of the transcendent energies of the dark and the light, whereas the perception of color is purely a characteristic of the human mind. Analyses of the color of objects, human color perception, holographs, virtual reality and dozens of other human visual attributes all justify the existence of another world beyond our human perceptions. Animals have their own unique perceptual view of the universe based upon their own unique visual apparatus. Human beings have two bodies, the physical and the metaphysical, and falsely conclude that their own unique and human perceptual view of the world is the one and only, real and true world. The real one and only, true world exists independently from, and above and beyond the physical world of both the animals and human beings. The human metaphysical body and its inner self, the human soul, can exist outside of the human physical body and accordingly, outside of the human perceived physical world.