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The First Priniciples of Aether

William R. Hohenberger
Year: 2011 Pages: 11
Various fractals are both defined and described that exist within the Aether Fractal Plenum. Mathematical equations are developed from those fractals that define the distribution of energy within the Aether Fractal Plenum. Sierpinski's Triangle and Pascal's Fractal are unified yielding additional mathematical descriptions for those fractals. Structures for electromagnetic waves, charged fibers, and charged particles are referenced from previous papers. A Periodic Table is developed for the various fractals that form within the Aether Fractal Plenum yielding methods for calculating the masses of the electron, proton and neutron, and for the values of the Fine Structure Constant and Planck's Length. Alternate mathematical methods are proposed for verifying the previous calculated values. Structures for the electron and the nucleon are proposed, and atomic structure and the structure of aether is reviewed.