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Correcting the Texts: Fundamental Errors in Electromagnetics

Roland H. Dishington
Year: 2012 Pages: 3
This paper focuses on fundamental errors that have caused much confusion in EM theory and practice for almost a century. These errors stem partly from a lack of appreciation that the scalar and vector potentials of classical Maxwell Equations are the fundamental physical entities and not their force related field representations, E and B. Another common source of difficulty related to these Maxwell assumptions is the point approximation of charge sources in lieu of a proper model of their true distributed nature. These deficiencies lead in turn to wrong models for moving particles, incorrect expressions for electric energy density of moving particles, and confusion in the area of energy flow using the standard Poynting theorem. These errors are presented and clarified with a description of the distribution of the scalar potential, leading to consistency with modern day physical measurements, as a suggestion for correcting most physics textbooks.