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Big Crash of Basic Concepts of Physics of the 20th Century?

Peter Sujak
Year: 2013 Pages: 8
Keywords: Planck constant, de Broglie wavelength, Schrodinger equation, Klein-Gordon equation, Dirac equation, relativistic energy

This paper analyzes the quantities of energy and momentum in the definitional relationship of relativistic mechanics, in the de Broglie momentum hypothesis and in the Klein-Gordon, Dirac and Schrodinger equation. The results of analysis show that Planck constant and relativistic relationships on the length contraction and increase in mass are a reflection of the same physical principles in nature, that instead of identifying wavelength l as the wave of matter in the de Broglie hypothesis h/l=mv this must be connected with the real dimension of particle lo with the rest state value h/lo= moc= hfo/c and that on this basis we can come to the fundamental equations of quantum mechanics that are the Klein-Gordon, Dirac and Schrodinger equation without the necessity of the wave functions. The results of analysis show that energies in relativistic mechanics as mc², mvc, moc² and energy of a photon hf do not represent quantity of energy, but quantity of momentum multiplied by c, so mc.c, mv.c, moc.c, hfo/c.c and merely the dimension of such quantities equals in dimension the quantity of energy.