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The Structure and Symmetry of the Universe

Charles William Lucas
Charles William Lucas
Year: 2013 Pages: 15
Keywords: electrodynamics, universal force, structure, symmetry, gravity, inertia

This paper reviews the history of the structure and symmetry of the universe from Ptolemy to the present time. The derivation of a new improved electrodynamic force law is reviewed. Improved versions of the forces of gravity and inertia are derived from this improved electrodynamic force. Evidence is presented that these improved versions of the electrodynamic force, the gravitational force, and the force of inertia are superior to all previous versions. Then inductive arguments are given that the improved version of electrodynamics is the universal force. This universal force challenges previous notions of the structure and symmetry of the universe. The proposed universal force has a unique symmetry which is a combination of spherical and chiral symmetry. Evidence is then presented that all entities on all size scales in the universe have this symmetry. This includes elementary particles, atoms, nuclei, molecules, crystals, plant leaves and flowers and seed pods, orbits of planets and moons in our solar system, the structure of the Milky Way galaxy, and the structure of the universe as a whole. The proposed universal force views the universe as controlled 100% by electrodynamic forces and currents. The universe has a center with all galaxies arranged in quantized bands about the center following Stanly Dermot's version of Bode's Law. Stars are like streetlights along the networks of electrical current in the universe.