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Universal Fractal Flow: PLASMA to plasma

Natalie Nagel
Year: 2013 Pages: 4

Eight patterns, such as spiraling and branching, are repeated, scaled up and down, from spiral galaxies to jellyfish, and from electrical discharges on Mars to dendrites in the brain.  99% of the known universe is plasma.  99% of the molecules in the human body is H2O.  Electron flow, from the non-living to the living, from light-year distances to cellular distances, self-organizes, self-sustains and self-corrects. This data-based Universal Fractal Flow model unifies Talbott and Thornhill's Electric Universe and Ho's Quantum Coherence with the electric universe in you.  Electromagnetism is a thousand, billion, billion, billion, billion times greater than gravity. This is the power that living systems, including the human body, uses to self-heal.