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Gravity, Magnetism and Light

Ralph Sansbury
Year: 2013 Pages: 10
Keywords: Light, Gravity, Magnetism, Electric Dipoles, Relativity,Quanta, Exchange Forces.

A basic theory is described that leads to classical explanations of Modern Physics. The basic theory is that magnetism is due to electric dipoles inside atomic nuclei and inside electrons. For example in parallel current carrying wires, the dipoles are produced by the current driving field in each wire causing a transverse elliptization of the circular orbit of a small charged particle around an oppositely charged central core so that there is a displacement of centers of negative and positive charge forming an electric dipole. Thus parallel current carrying wires are attracted to each other by the billions of small attractively oriented transverse electric dipoles in the billions of atomic nuclei and free electrons in each cubic millimeter of the wires. Thus collinear dipoles along radii of planets and stars, produced by their spinning account for their gravitational force.