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Philosophy: More than the Middle of NPA

Robert J. Bennett
Year: 2013 Pages: 10
Keywords: Philosophy,metaphysics,logic,fallacies,axioms,realism,method

Philosophy is the basis of all sciences, the foundation of knowledge that provides ultimate answers beyond the limits of science. Although scorned and spurned by science purists(which is justified by its modern errant versions), metaphysics and logic, especially, form a common ground of agreement and the tools for truth validation, that is so obviously missing in theoretical analysis. We will propose a set of premises for NPA consideration, and then apply them to current science beliefs in order to build a catalog of common fallacies, mainly in establishment dogmas, but some that also occur in NPA member thinking. The intent is to build a solid common ground of axioms based on philosophical realism and the scientific method to forestall endless debates, effectively challenge mainstream dogma and train members on how to recognize and correct logical fallacies. We plan to form a forum thread on this topic and then archive any usable results, for the benefit of future members.