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Future Possible Energy/Paradigm Revolutions from Ultra-cold Matter and Nanoscience Discoveries: Historical Context of Current Research and Overview of Developing Trends

Donald Reed
Year: 2013 Pages: 15

In the last three decades, the confluence of two streams of research have resulted in some of the most heretofore unknown, energy-transformative and potential paradigm-shifting developments in the history of science and technology. These are due to both the fruits of the nanoscience revolution and those stemming from ultra-colf matter applications as exemplified by the Bose-Einstein condensate. Through examining a wealth of specific research results from each of these areas, some of surprisingly serendipitous nature, this paper will attempt to show that many of the iscoveries that have been made in these arenas point to possible new understanding of the quantum engine that underpins physical reality, and its relationship to electromagnetism and gravitation at both microscopic and large-scale regimes of nature. It is hoped that ultimately this knowledge will subsequently guide us in achieving the coveted goal in our quest to harvest energy from the quantum vacuum.1