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The Essence of the Universal Spacetime Theory (UST)

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
Year: 2015 Pages: 7

According to the UST, the toroidal spacetime entity called toryx is responsible for the creation of all kinds of matter in the Universe. What we perceive as matter, field, gravity, mass, charge and energy, etc. are merely various metamorphoses of polarized spacetime. Capable of existing in four topologically-polarized states, the polarized toryces are unified to form four kinds of elementary matter particles called trons, the building blocks of nucleons and atoms. Created by an excited toryx is the helical spacetime entity called the helyx responsible for the creation of all kinds of radiation particles in the Universe. The spacetime properties of both the toryx and the helyx are based on a limited number of assumptions, while their physical properties are readily expressed as the functions of their spacetime properties. The UST solves a century-long problem of the unification of physics of the micro- and macro-worlds. It presents the dark matter and dark energy as merely the metamorphoses of spacetime. Since the UST is 3-dimensional (plus time), its predictions can be verified by the experiments utilizing the 3-dimensional technology.