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A Proposed Experiment to Disprove Special Relativity

Musa D. Abdullahi
Year: 2017

According to classical and relativistic electrodynamics, a charged particle moving with velocity v should go straight through a crossed electric field of intensity E and a magnetic flux of intensity B, at right angles, without deflection, if the magnitude E = Bv. For a constant B, the relationship between E and v is linear, with Bc as the maximum value of E required for the particle to pass right through the crossed fields at the speed of light c. This paper shows that the relationship being E and v is not linear. Due to aberration of electric field, it is the electric field experienced by a moving charged particle, not the mass, which depends on velocity. For a particle to pass through the crossed fields without deflection, E should increase to an infinitely large value as v approaches the speed of light. An experiment, demonstrating this non-linearity, invalidates special relativity.