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Double Helical and Double Toroidal Spiral Fields

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
Year: 1998
Keywords: Toroid, Helix, Structure, Spiral Fields
Toroidal spiral field theory, proposed earlier by the author, is utilized to present the double helical and double toroidal spiral fields as the basic substances of nature. Both fields exist at discrete energy levels and transform one into the other. Double helical spiral fields are formed during polarization of adjacent lsquofield stringsrsquo that propagate along the straight lines at lsquoultimate spiral field velocityrsquo. These fields form various types of radiation as long as their energy exceeds a predetermined lowest level, below which they transform into depolarized and massless lsquofield ringsrsquo. Polarization of the field rings leads to creation of double toroidal spiral fields that form various sub-atomic particles. The mass and electric charge of the spiral fields are defined by their geometry. The features of the spiral fields follow from application of novel relativistic relationships according to which both the mass and electric charge decrease with increase in velocity and become equal to zero at the velocity equal to the ultimate spiral field velocity.