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Publisher: Lew Paxton Price
Year: 1999-2010
ISBN: 0917578236
ISBN: 0917578244
ISBN: 0917578252
ISBN: 0917578260
SBN: 0917578279

Behind Light's Illusions: A Series on Nether (Dynamic Ether) Theory (Seven Volume Set) (Buy Now)
KeyWords: aether

Lew Paxton Price
This series of small books is called BEHIND LIGHT\'S ILLUSION.   It was written by Lew Price for the educated layman and explains the principle that unifies the forces of our universe.   The theory was developed by Lew Price and Mart Gibson in the course of approximately 36 years and is succinct, cohesive, and extremely logical.

Each little book contains about 60 pages of prose, illustrations, and algebra.   Calculus is not used.   The concepts can be visualized and are not at all like the almost incomprehensible fantasies of currently accepted physics.   There are no million-dollar words except those found in accepted texts and these are translated as clearly as possible.   The intent of the writing is to communicate rather than to obscure the subject in an effort to impress the reader with the vocabulary of the author.

Although this theory is actually about dynamic ether, it is called \"nether theory\" because \"ether\" was a 19th century concept given the original property of being static (unmoving in relation to the earth) with qualities quite unlike the reality.   This connotation still exists in the minds of many people.   In Greek myth, nether is the underlying substance, so it seemed to be an appropriate name.   The books in the series should be read in their numbered order for maximum comprehension