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Pages: 137
Publisher: Winston-Derek Publishers
Year: 1992; 2nd ed 2008
ISBN: 1555233597
ISBN: 978-1555233594

Perceptions: A Symphony of Words (Buy Now)

William R. Hohenberger
Unlock the secrets of the universe and look deep into the inner self. Join this inspirational search and find a world beyond our human perceptions where science, religion, psychology, and human emotion are interwoven into a single fabric of universal truth.

The world we perceive is actually an illusion created within the boundaries of our mind, and there instead exists another world beyond our human perceptions, which is made from transcendental energies of the dark and the light, and is accessible only through the powers of our imagination. It includes:

  • The first coherent theory for the human mind.
  • The psychological origins of the ancient Chinese oracle, the \"I Ching\" and the Hebrew \"Qabala\".
  • An organized word structure for our spoken language.
  • The fundamental constructs of good and evil.
  • Vivid and picturesque descriptions for Kant\'s \"Noumena\".
  • A visual unified theory of everything.
  • Unraveling the mysteries of sub-nuclear and cosmological physics.

Concluded with a thought-provoking poem of personal introspection, \"Perceptions\" will inspire and challenge anyone who reads it.