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Pages: 280
Publisher: Helicola Press, Division of IRMC, Inc.
Year: 2002
ISBN: 0967143217
ISBN: 978-0967143217

The Unification of Strong, Gravitational & Electric Forces (Buy Now)
KeyWords: gravity

Vladimir B. Ginzburg
The concept of spiral field theory was presented by the author in his previous books - \"Spiral Grain of the Universe\", \"Unified Spiral Field and Matter\", and \"Unified Spiral Nature of the Quantum & Relativistic Universe\".  This book further expands the concept of the spiral field that leads to the unification of strong, gravitational and electric forces. The highlights of the book are:
  1. Presentation of new prime elements of Nature, the torix and the helix, based on positive and negative energy
  2. Description of matter, ether, electromagnetic waves, and neutrinos by the same fundamental equations
  3. Confirmation of the possibility of instantaneous transmission of waves
  4. Unification of strong, gravitational, and electric forces
  5. Identification of likely canditates for \"dark\" matter
  6. Outline of a road map to a unified field theory