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Mac McCoin
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Mac McCoin (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: January 30, 2010)
Interests: Free Energy, Pushing Gravity Age: 68

Undergrad, college level schooling in mechanical, electrical and nuclear engineering; plus post graduate electronics design via ANPP (US Army Nuclear Power Program) Ft Belvoir, Va - Class of 1965. First Class Operator Certified - Instrumentation Process Control Systems Specialist. While merely a one year course a degree was available by attending an acredited university for one additional year.


Inventor with (8) patents in energy fields. Owned and operated an R&D Corp having done a NASA/DOE Contract.

I notice the site shows my interest as including "Free Energy". I clearly reject any idea of perpetual motion but do believe there are energy sources not yet measured, known, understood, or tapped which might appear as perpetual - i.e. permanent magnets and gravity I believe are products of universal energy flows. Therefore I see gyroscopes and "N" Machines as objects of intense interest.

ROPE Patent # is 7,472,676 issued 6 January, 2009

Here is a U-Tube video of the engine running. Be sure to scroll down because there are actually (5) videos to view.


To view these patent links Iin full image you will need to have or download (Free) ALTIFF on the USPTO site and then click on:

1 7,472,676 Full-Text Differential with guided feedback control for rotary opposed-piston engine
3 7,116,006 Full-Text Wind energy conversion system
4 7,098,552 Full-Text Wind energy conversion system
5 6,952,058 Full-Text Wind energy conversion system
6 4,322,798 Full-Text Traction pressure control system
7 4,192,201 Full-Text Traction controlled in-line transmission
8 4,192,200 Full-Text Variable ratio gear transmission
9 3,292,365  

http://mccoinunikeftheory.yuku.com/ is a recently formed web site subsequent to MSN closing MSN Groups. As a result a lot of content has been lost.   UniKEF stands for Universal Kenetic Energy Field Theory which I formulated in 1954 but it is not backed by a lot of mathematics or experimental data. There is one chapter involving calculus which was done by Dr Edward Allard, physicist and inventor of infered technology and some gravitational testing which tends to support the UniKEF view of push gravity. Questions and Comments Welcome.