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Witold Nawrot
local time: 2024-04-24 02:59 (+01:00 )
Witold Nawrot (Websites)

Euclidean model of the space-time. Is the reality exactly as we can observe it?

Witold Nawrot[Updated 1 decade ago]

The new model of reality is presented. According to the model the true reality is absolute, Euclidean and four-dimensional. The dimensions of time and space, we are able to observe, are not the "true" dimensions creating the reality, but they are only certain directions in the Euclidean reality, and these directions are not assigned in advance - they depend on currently observed object. It means that observing each body, we are interpreting different directions in the FER (Four-dimensional Euclidean Reality) as the space- and time-dimensions.

The model explains the Twinn paradox, recession of galaxies, constancy of the speed of light and many different phenomena. It makes possible to comeback to the hypothesis of Ether due to separation of notions of relative velocity of bodies and the propagation of light. A particle can be now described simply as wave and the wave in the FER and this wave is described as the wave function in the Lorentzian  space-time.

The new rule of composition of velocities allows to perform an experiment to examine the new theory - the paper concerning this experiment  will be publised soon.